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Healthy U Behavioral Health is brought to you by Sober Life San Diego, an established in-network provider for a broad spectrum of behavioral services ranging from Substance Abuse Disorder to Post Traumatic Stress. Healthy U serves adolescents(13-17) and adults(18+). 

Enjoy Friendships

Most Emotional Health Conditions Can Be Managed

No Need to Struggle with Mental Health

If you’ve found yourself on this site, you’re likely struggling with general dissatisfaction from life, strained relationships, and a feeling that things will never get easier for you. But there’s hope!

Trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
Relationship Struggles
General Anxiety
Bi-Polar Disorder
Social Anxiety
Teenager Living Positively

Healthy U Helps You

Get Ahead Of Emotional Health, Alcohol, And Drug Use Concerns

Treatment for Many Emotional & Mental Health Issues

There are many different types of emotional and mental health concerns that affect teenagers and adults today that make it hard for to relax and feel at ease. That is why the team at Healthy U offers a treatment that helps you to manage many kinds of emotional and mental health struggles.

Follow Up Care & Practice

We do not just give you treatment and let you go. Our team offers follow up care and advice to help make sure that every client who walks through our doors is prepared for ongoing success for years to come. We will provide you with practices that you can utilize outside of the treatment center to continue your healing process.

Engaging Treatments

Our positive living strategies approach is only successful when practical connections and applications are made. Our team offers engaging treatments that immerse members in the program and helps them to apply their new knowledge and skills. We call this approach “Resiliency”. Highlighting YOUR strengths that assist you in coping with the stresses of daily life. Work through role-play and behavior reversal situations that help them beat emotional and mental health struggles.

Treating the Root Concern

Many treatments for mental health simply work to alleviate the symptoms rather than looking at the root cause of the issue. Our team helps those dealing with emotional and mental health, drug use, and alcohol concerns by managing and coping with social anxiety and helping them to communicate and assert themselves in more effective ways. This assists you in being resilient and able to begin putting a stop to your struggles with substance use and emotional health issues.

Rebuilding Relationships in Recovery

What Sets Healthy U Apart?

There are plenty of mental health facilities that will offer therapeutic treatment for emotional and mental health struggles, alcohol dependence, and drug addiction. But that does not mean every treatment center is the same?

Healthy U is a team that is taking a client centered approach focusing on strengths to treating mental health in order to help our community members better control and understand their emotions.


Caring Professionals

Emotional and mental health struggles are extremely difficult and require gentle guidance from a helpful professional therapeutic team. Healthy U’s therapists, counselors, and professionals offer caring treatment which helps soothe members concerns and get ahead of their emotional and mental health, alcohol, and drug challenges.  


Individualized Treatments

No two people are the same, which is why Healthy U offers individualized, client-centered, treatments. During the admissions assessment, identification of areas needing improvement will be identified and a collaborative treatment plan will be custom-designed for you or your loved one.


Comprehensive Assistance

There are countless emotional and mental health concerns that can burden us today. That is why Healthy U offers mental health assistance that treats a wide range of challenges and life events. We will assist teens and adults in managing social anxiety disorder, depression, stress, and more, providing effective, comprehensive, evidenced based treatment. 


Affordable Therapies

Getting the help you need should not break the bank. Our teenage and adult emotional/mental health programs are all offered at affordable prices that allow you to get the help you are looking for. Healthy U offers some of the most affordable assistance in the industry by being an “In-Network Provider” for most major health insurance companies. 

What Past Patients Are Saying

Sober life has some of the most caring, supportive, and intelligent employees I’ve ever met. They helped set me up for success, more than any other program I’ve been in. They helped me figure out who I was, and really get to the core of some of my issues. Thank you guys for everything you’ve done for me, I love y’all so much. 


February, 2021

When one understands a problem is bigger than oneself, help is needed. I found that help at Sober Life. The care, the information, the insights… they helped me to save my own life. I can not tell you how hard it is to go through what I have, but I know it would have been impossible to do alone. What I found in the program was the strength, knowledge and courage to love myself again. 


February, 2021

Soberlife has definitely helped me get my life back on track . The staff and faculty members are great . I definitely recommend this place to anyone that needs help fighting there addictions . 


February, 2021

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Teenager Living Positively

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