About Healthy U

Helping Our Community Develop Positive Living Strategies


“Post-pandemic and living in the new Normal”

Between learning how to come out of social isolation, dealing with current life events, repairing relationships, and planning a future, you have a lot to navigate in todays challenging reality.

At Healthy U, we understand how important life skills are. Learning how to communicate with peers, manage feelings, and cope with mental health concerns are essential life lessons. More than 1 in 5 adults in the US deal with emotional and mental health issues. 

We believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at life. Trauma, anxiety, or depression should not keep you from reaching your full potential.

Lingering emotional health problems can leave you feeling isolated, insecure, and hopeless in your endeavor to achieve happiness and fulfillment. Many people turn to drugs, alcohol, or other unhealthy behaviors to cope with feelings.

Trouble with emotional health can leave us struggling to get along with family members, peers, and in our intimate relationships. Our mission is to help our community learn to deal with trauma and emotions, in a productive and healthy way, focusing on resiliency and inherent strengths.  

Happy Students in Social Skills Program

Our Motives

Why We Started This Program

We started our program as Sober Life to give ethical out-patient treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. As it evolved, a need was identified to provide Primary Mental Health Treatment. Our program grew rapidly, as did our expertise, defining our multi-disciplinary approach focusing on resiliency. Thus, Healthy U was established.

Time to Step In

We decided it was time to step in and give those who are struggling emotionally a chance at success emphasizing their strengths and resiliency. Many people we work with have been challenged with unsolicited life circumstances such as the COVID-19 pandemic, and we don’t believe that should determine one’s future.

Why Our Support Is Needed Now

Dealing with Social Isolation in an un-precedented time in our history, coping with life’s challenges has become difficult for many. The full scope of the pandemic is hard to predict. Thus, Healthy U is providing support and solutions to the face and handle the uncertain future. 

Social Skills Program Session

What We Work With

We help people learn to effectively handle stressors in today’s world.

We believe the more practice people can get in a healthy, safe space to communicate, the easier and happier life will be for them.


People who are dealing with social anxiety


People who are abusing a substance


People who are dealing with adjustment or behavioral disorders


People who are dealing with ADHD


People who are struggling with trauma, anxiety, or depression


People who are struggling socially in any way

Alumni Testimonials

Teenager Living Positively

Ready to Learn More?

If you like we can help you or a loved one, we’d be more than happy to speak with you and learn more. Reach out to us today or start browsing through our resources to learn more about what we do.